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YOU (Poem)

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First thing in day 
And last thing in night….is you…
Before the dinner
And after the lunch…is you…
Upon my heart 
And inside my mind…is you…
It has always been you.:) 
My thoughts on paper…is you…
And the person in my dreams…is only you..^.^/
My prayers are for….you…
And my mis-matched puzzled is… you…<3
My smiles are about…you…^.^
And my life is all for…you…
Cause this is all about you

I want all 82 winters with…you…
And everyday love from…you…
I want adventures with…you…
And funny, caring fights with…you…
I want to be a legend in history with…you…
And I want to be a family to…you…
Cause it will be always bout…you…
And if you say Yes, it can be bout ‘US’ ^.^
-Alex O’ Connor
(Poem no.1)

When words can express how you feel then the way you say doesn’t matter 🙂
Keep smiling
(The poem is written in direct speech)


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Paint it green (Poem)

Paint it Green (Poem No.12)
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“Carpet of grass,
Mines of brass,
Refined from resources,
Against nature of forces.
Sparkling stars and musky moon,
Crawling briskly into the room,
Spreading elegance, wiping out mesh,
Flapping out lessons as it unleash.
Clumsy clouds with rusky rainbow,
Out so high, up in the sky rowed,
Carbons toss out thou seasons,
Mortals being one of the reasons.
Preserving gift from mother earth,
because it makes the life worth,
Passing it from hand to hand,
Because thats as we label it as a brand.”
-Leon Redfield
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(Starting from now, I will include the real inspiration of the poem and the effects I used in the poem in authors note as it will help you some in learning and some in finding inspiration)
Authors Note – “After expressing poems a lot of times it occurred to me that I have never expressed myself especially as a poet my feelings for mother nature so I could start this out and end in a beautiful way which includes all the elements of nature from space to earth. I used direct speech as to connect to my audience as well as to add poetic effect.Rhymes too add to the poetic effects.”

Happy Pill (Poem)

Happy pill= favourite person(Poem no.11)

Day and dark flows,
Night and soul glows,
Life runs too wild,
But heart is lilttle mild.

Where problems define us,
Like a label was,
Moving forward from the people,
And oceans creating ripples.

Hiding in bubble of care,
From pain people can’t bare,
Looking up to you because,
you make it seem all right.

Be my inspiration, 
Like no other hesitation,
Spectrum with such will,
And Your my happy little pill.

– Leon Redfield (Bhavya)
Dedicating this poem to  happy lil pill +Aerin Lena  (For her birthday)

Setting into Sadness (Poem)

Photo from web

Waking up to the reality,

Like waking up into nightmare.

Heartache to someone worthless,
Too dark to light up.
Breath by breath drowning,
Drowning into sadness,
Day after day clarity shines in,
Time stops hard when alone,
Laughter cannot be the best medicine,
Because everything is set into moment,
Moment of suppression,
Moment of sorrow,
Moment of being oneself..
Blink by blink let’s sleep back,
Sleep back to that beautiful nightmare,
Beautiful nightmare that’s better than reality,
Love makes it hard,stand back!
Leave us alone for who we are,
Setting into sadness like sunset…
-Leon Redfield(Bhavya)
Poem No.10 

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Lets Be Cold (Poem)

Early morning breeze,
Cold water hand freeze,
Chillness in the spine,
Mist in the eyes,
Its all about magic ice.

Red ears,Silent sounds,
Crystal vision,Shaking nerves,
Cold feet,Cold talks,
Unknown smile,Blow of air through the flicks,
Hot chocolate and a deep cold breath.

Snowflakes falls off the sky,
Staring at it like who started it,
Stunning and overwhelming glare,
Fortunate enough to say –
“Cold never bothered me anyway”,
Come let’s play,Let be cold.

Poem no.9
All rights reserved.

Life Without You (Poem)

Photo and sketch by Leon redfield

Life without you

Imagine How useless and worthless will be the things like –
Eyes without sight,
Sky without sun, moon and stars,
Tree without leafs,
Lake without water,
Flower without fragnance,
Skin without sensation,
Heart without beats,
Music without lyrics,
Kingdom without king,
Rain without rainbow,
Life without reason,
Sleep without dream,
Romeo without Juliet,
Science without Newton,
Poems without Shakespeare,
Christmas without snow and presents,
Smile without happiness,
Fruits without taste,
Child without parents,
Angel without wings,
And that exactly how I feel without you.
I am just totally incomplete and worthless without you.
That’s why I love u more than anything.
Because you make me complete

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Poem no.8

Stars (Poem)

Image from web

“The lights they emit,
The waves they pass,
The way they shine,
The pride they have,
Is in every dust.

Beauty they posses,
Magic they behold,
High they stand,
Picture they hold,
Which decors the sky,

The fate they hold,
The love they resemble,
Broken to ground,
To make a wish, Fancies as star dust.

-Leon Redfield (Bhavya)

Poem no.7
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