Rubik's cube image by Alex O' Connor

How to solve a 3×3 Rubiks cube in 1 minute? [Easiest Method on the web]

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Hello fellas, This tutorial will help you solve a 3×3 Rubik’s cube the easiest way. This is the most basic method of the entire web, I hope this will be useful also there are 3 different sub-videos which is deeply explained about the each case of the cube at any give point of time as mentioned before so lets get …

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Does blogging really bring you money? (My first $$)

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Hey, Let me guess….. are you a fellow blogger? or basically someone who is interested to start your own blog in future or someone who is trolling to see if we (Bloggers, Writers) really earn some bucks?! Dang!! Well I would say you are at the right place, why not? after all you must have searched the whole web (Those …

How to make easy money online? 5 Best ways!!

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Are you a new blogger? or just surfing net, looking for few best ways of earning some easy money online? But I’m sure, you would be a blogger 80% 😉 It indeed is really hard to earn if your still new to Blogging. So here are 5 best ways to earn some decent money online without any investment (Except your time). …

4 things every Linux beginner should know

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      Linux-based operating systems are popular due to the wide range of flexibility they offer in terms of software and abilities. It can be a bit daunting to try to learn a new operating system and explore all of its benefits, or even know where to start. Since everything works a little different on Linux, there is quite a learning curve in order to …