Story of Wolvena – Chapter 11

After we finished eating, Chara told us a very long story about their life, why they came here and why they were searching for friends.

“Let’s go outside and do something funny!”~c

“Yo sure! What do you wanna do?”~mk

“I don’t know. You can choose what we’ll do.”~c

Monster Kid still was excited because he met a human and was friends with them. He smiled and thought a bit.

“Let’s play hide and seek!”~mk


Chara walked to the door and opened it, monster kid and I followed them. They looked around and saw a Monster that sat on the ground while looking in the sky.

“You can hide first.”~c

They smiled. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t really care.

Chara closed their eyes. Monster Kid laughed and ran away, till he arrived at a house, then he hid behind it. I hid in a bush that was really close to Chara, so I was able to see them.

“I’m coming!”~c

With a happy face they just walked to the Monster sitting on the ground. They didn’t even cared where we hid. At least it seemed like they didn’t care.

They were about one foot away from the monster.

“What are they doing? That monster is not even….”~w

I stopped talking. They really did it…


©credit goes to @wolvena_stories on instagram

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